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Who Is The Fool?

By M.Arief Wibowo

020907 0000


Maybe you don’t have to tell her

Maybe she has realised it

That impossible,

   the story of both of you has become


Maybe she has left you

She has completely forgotten you

Going on her life

Going out

   and laughing happily with those dear friends of hers


But still you just think about her!

Those memories,

   which, why, you just choose not to forsake


Now look at this:

   Who’s the actual fool?

Who decides to stop living

Who has in mind to kill his life

   living beyond the shady veil of misery

   due to a mere girl


Wake up, hey you fool

Wake up and clear that mind of yours

Have you become so worthless?

   Discarded down there?


Pull those legs of yours

   and start making a step

Move yourself forward and forward

   and never return


* * *