The Mode of Self Destruction

By M. Arief W.


You asked me if I believe in God

Him I have abandoned thousands of years ago


You asked me if I love somebody

No one ever loves me


You asked me if I live this life happily

My joy of life has been snatched long time ago


Now that I ride my car to its top speed

Cruising under the street lamps that light this city


I set the tape to the fullest

Following its rhythm without control


And this scarlet wine I drink

To erase all this pain



Oh lead me to any direction you want

Lead me to a very far point from this city


Should you ask about my state

That being born in this life I no more expect,

I shall reply


I cry

I scream

But You never hear!


Let me

Let me take the journey to that very distant destination

Where I can live this pain alone

In solitude where just the wind is the company


Soon the world will forget about my whereabouts

Soon it will just forget my having ever existed


* * *