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Donít Weaken Me

By M.Arief Wibowo


Lord, why hast Thou made me sentient of love?

††† It has made me weak!!

Why hast Thou let fear assume form in me?

†† It has made me blind!!


And this world, where Iím now present

††† appears to have shrunken me

††† to a size, such minor, I shouldnít be

††† to a shape, such defective, I can no more recognise


Let for a moment,

†† me,

†† my wings to expand

Hence I may fly and see

†† how before me,

†† my forebears had done

So I may rediscover

†† what before this,

†† I once used to believe

I was strong

Why have I now become so weak?


Again, here

†† I want to stand

Letting not tear dropped

Ceaselessly running

To those dreams I always chased for


* * *