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If It Is to Die

By M.Arief Wibowo

04/07/07 1:55 AM


Oh sky, why is it, when Iím now sitting alone in the dark,

††† I suddenly hear the rhythms of a harp?

As if descending from you,

††† they sound so strange yet so familiar to me..


What are you trying to tell me?

Are you seeing what my heart is feeling now?

††† Into which it is now being cast?


Or are you trying to deceive me?

††† Shrouding yourself in such a benevolent form,

††† but then taking with you, something that Iíve been longing for,

††† away, forever?

Then disappear!!


For if I am eventually to grief, come not closer

For if I am finally to see no light, please just shed me with more darkness


Because here, at the bottom of this hollow Iíve been remaining

Let me not grow

Let me feel no love

If finally again,

††† you will tell me

††† that it is to die..


* * *