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For xxx

By M.Arief Wibowo

301207 0801



Until now

Still I thank God

That He has once sent you

†† to my life


I am sure

That our meeting each other,

†† falling in love with each other,

†† facing confusion about the continuation

††††† of our love story,

†† and ending everything in fact in dispute

Have been destined

†† by my dear Lord in Heaven


You were significant proof

†† of Godís love to me


Through you

†† He wanted to improve me

†† by revealing all the very wicked things

†† concealing themselves beyond my skin

†† of which I myself was never aware before


By means of you

†† He taught me a novel lesson

†† that women want more to be understood


I canít stop you

†† if you want to hate me forever


But people change

Nobody knows

†† who I will be

†† in the next 1, 2, or 3 years

Neither does anybody know

†† if you are still who you are

†† in the upcoming time


I shall prove

That maturity

†† is not a matter of age

Age is just a fate

†† of who is destined first by our dear Lord

†† to be sent onto this material world

Maturity in truth

†† is a matter of advancedness

†† in thoughts and behaviours

I shall indeed prove


Of course I never hate you

How can I hate you

†† while you were the one

††††† who gave me a funny doll

††††† who once came for me with a sweet cake

††††† who once cried to me in a phone

From the very beginning

I always know that your heart

†† is clean, clear, and always good-wishing


Forever I always pray for you

†† for your well-being and success in life

†† between my dreams and prayers

Eventhough if my name

†† since a tragedy

†† has probably been wiped from your world


* * *