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A Letter for X

By M.Arief Wibowo





Iím so sad today to admit,

That thereís indeed a power stronger than love

He who could untie the dear feeling between 2 close hearts


So short they were always,

†† the moments I could meet you

But all the memories Iíve acquired of you

Prove too remaining to forget


That first time you invited me to go

And the other time you took my arm and held it between yours

Youíve poured water

To the dead rose underlying within my heart


Do you ever realise

How strong my feeling had grown to you eversince?

You once stole my soul

My breath


My heart could not escape you

Nor could my mind abandon reminiscing about you

With my messages

†† I always tried to greet you

†† That you sometimes barely replied

†† And thus always brought me angry


Once it had been thought by me

†† that later Iíd like to pronounce

†† this feeling to you

But Iím sorry

†† for today I have to cancel love


Iíve seen a mountain before us

†† much too high to climb

Iíve seen a river hinder us

†† much too wide to cross

Thereís indeed a force more powerful than love, Dear

†† atrocious,

†† that love itself has to genuflect to it


So let me cancel all this feeling to you

Since I want not to become yours

†† beginning to enter your life

†† illuminating it for a while

†† yet later ending it

†† with loutish words

†† that would ruin your heart



I donít want to see tear shed

†† By a girl as sweet as you


So let me cancel love

Let me unbind myself off you

And be your mere companion


Oh any other guy!

Please enter her heart

†† cherish it

†† redden it

With all the colours you could bring

Serve this dearest Lady of all hearts

†† the finest you could


Yet at the same time, oh Lady

Please let me take my leave


All my traces, you may erase

But not those memories of us

Let them kept

†† as nice stories of our past

†† within our hearts


Within my life,

I shall take pursuit

†† of my heartís true happiness

†† thither, somewhere afar



* * *