* This poem may be reproduced, under the condition that you include my name as its author. 



“My Angel“

By: M. Arief W.



The wind breezes

Embracing this sun shiny morning

And I can only stand still

As I watch you walking in


Today with the clothe that you put on

You’ve become the most beautiful angel

That I have ever seen


You look prettier than a French princess

Your skin feels smoother than a couche of silk

And your body smells more fragrant than a bucket of jasmine


I’ve been engaged

With the divine beauty of yours

That I can hardly depict


With the scarf that you wear

I know that you are not for everyone

This dirty soul deserves not to touch even a part of you


I can only admire you

And I can only wonder

If one day I could own you

Having you sitting next to my side

And caressing you with my whole love

‘Till the end of my life


* * *